Clinical Thermographers

All our Clinical Thermographers have been trained to the standards required by Electronic Medical Interpretation and Meditherm. Most already have years of clinical experience in other areas of health and wellness.

Interpreting Doctors

Electronic Medical Interpretation Inc. (EMI) is the interpretation service used by us. This service is the most advanced, professional and innovative approach to medical thermal imaging interpretation. EMI utilises ground breaking technology coupled with the capabilities of extranet solution.

All EMI doctors are board certified Thermologists and are licensed medical professionals in good standing. There is a facility for second opinions and there is continuous quality control.

Your Thermographer has permanent 24 hour access to the EMI database and can retrieve any of your reports or images from the archives at any time. EMI performs a security backup of all records on a daily basis and conforms to all ethical and medico-legal criteria for handling patient medical records.

Urgent studies can be reported instantly, while the patient is still in the office.