Pricing & Information

Prices are correct from January 2022 and are subject to change.


Payment is required before appointment. An email will be sent giving you details of your payment options.


Please give us at least 48 hours notice for cancellation.

Information regarding your appointment

Please ensure you haven’t been exposed to any extreme heat sources on the day and ideally the day before as this could affect the accuracy of the images. This would be to avoid having a steam/sauna, sunbathing, having a heavy workout session in the gym on the day and ideally not the day before the appointment. Avoid having a very hot shower shortly before the appointment. Please also avoid using creams, lotions, oils and deodorant on the day and limit the amount of makeup.

You should arrive at your appointment a few minutes early to give yourself time to start acclimatising to the room, especially if the weather is either very hot or very cold at the time of your appointment.

You will be required to undress but keep your underpants on, and will be given a gown and will sit on a stool for the duration of the appointment. It is recommended you wear loose clothing before the appointment.

Your Thermographer will go through your completed medical questionnaire with you and make further notes. She will set up a file for you and then begin the study.

When the imaging begins, you will be asked to remove the gown and your Thermographer will explain the different positions to adopt. This could be sitting, standing, facing sideways etc. If you have mobility issues, please advise your Thermographer before the appointment.

The breast study consists of 6 images of the breasts and under arms at different angles. You will be sitting on a swivel stool and will be asked to move around with your hands behind your head in order to get the correct images.

The full body study starts with the face and neck and then works down your body, taking images of the torso, abdominal area, the specific breast study for women, back/neck, arms/hands, legs and feet.

The Thermographer will have her back to you facing the laptop screen to ensure each image has the correct pixilation and angle. This makes it a more comfortable process for those who may be self conscious.